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Experience Different Views.  Discover Common Ground. 


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Jeremi grew up in rural New Hampshire, a small state located in the extreme northeastern part of the United States. Eager to explore the country, Jeremi broke free from his deep New England roots to attend undergraduate school at the University of Florida from which he began his career working in nonprofit organizational and community development. He would later obtain his Masters of Business Administration from Queens University of Charlotte. Prior to joining Friendship Force in November 2015, Jeremi has worked successfully with organizations of all sizes to enhance the reach of their mission through social innovation and entrepreneurship.  In 2008, he took a short break from the nonprofit sector to start a medical manufacturing company that earned him and his partner the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies award and gave him first-hand experience in international marketing, distributions and communications.  With a love for travel, he enjoys exploring different cultures and meeting different people and has a personal appreciation for the impact these experiences can have on an individual’s view of the world. Jeremi is excited to have found the Friendship Force with a mission to encourage others in these very same experiences and looks forward to continuing his work expanding the impact of its mission.

Experience the World 
Friendship Force

Become a Host   

One of the best ways to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people is to host an ambassador in your home. Show them your community, city, country and culture, and learn about theirs over meals, laughter, and shared experiences.

Travel the world   

Be welcomed into someone’s home. Immerse yourself in their local culture. Invite travelers

from other places into your own home and proudly share your culture with them.

Since 1977, the travel exchange movement pioneered by Friendship Force International has given people the unique opportunity to connect

in ways that transcend boundaries to promote goodwill, respect, and understanding.

This kind of intimate, life changing experience may not be for everyone, but for thousands of Friendship Force members worldwide, the personal relationships we’ve established are a powerful and authentic way to impact positive change and empathy around the world.


 Become an ambassador of the

 Friendship Force today.


"What is Friendship Force?"

Denver members enjoying a sunny day in Belgium 

with their hosts -June 2018

Columbine - Our State Flower


2022 1 January FFD Newsletter.pdf


Explore: We explore new  countries and regions. We explore new cultures and  new ways to connect across  the barriers that separate us.

Understand: By sharing a  home, meals, conversation  and everyday experiences,  people become friends,  seeing beyond governments and borders into the heart of  a country and its people. By combining home hospitality  with cultural exploration, we reach a new level of understanding.

  Serve: Exploration leads to  understanding. Understanding leads to an  acceptance of our common  humanity and the desire to  serve 

our global village –  with words and actions. 

Learn About

Friendship Force


"Just A Week That Can Change Your Life"


Social Hour:  6:30 PM

Business Meeting:  6:45 PM

Speaker:  7:00 PM

Jeremi Snook

President and CEO of

Friendship Force International

Will Speak On:

"Turning The Page"

"Some novels grip you with the first sentence, others you have endure long spells of boring narrative before things really pick up. For Friendship Force, these last 24 months have been a real "page turner," but where is this story going? In our brief time together I'll share a little more about the next chapter of FFI and how the plot twists and turns of the pandemic have reshaped our future."

Members and contacts will receive a Zoom link on Saturday, January 8.  If you would like to receive the Zoom link, please send an email to:


Friendship Force Denver, Colorado  USA

501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Copyright (c) 2021 by Friendship Force Denver

Contact: FFDBoard@gmail.com

Friendship Force Denver, Colorado  USA

501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Copyright (c) 2021 by Friendship Force Denver

Contact: FFDBoard@gmail.com

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