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What Is Friendship Force?

Experience Different Views.  Discover Common Ground. 

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           1982 - 2021

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We meet most months on the 

2nd Tuesday at 6:45 pm

6500 E. Girard Avenue

 Denver, CO 80224

(NE Corner of Hampden and Monaco,  east of I-25 on Hampden)

Come join us and bring your friends!

During the COVID-19 pandemic,

we are following socially responsible CDC guidelines and holding virtual meetings via ZOOM!  If you need help, contact one of your Friendship Force friends or email us.

Guests are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.  You can see a list of the scheduled presenters on the Calendar tab.  Please send a request for the zoom link by emailing us at:


Experience the World 
Friendship Force

Become a Host   

One of the best ways to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people is to host an ambassador in your home. Show them your community, city, country and culture, and learn about theirs over meals, laughter, and shared experiences.

Travel the world   

Be welcomed into someone’s home. Immerse yourself in their local culture. Invite travelers

from other places into your own home and proudly share your culture with them.

Since 1977, the travel exchange movement pioneered by Friendship Force International has given people the unique opportunity to connect

in ways that transcend boundaries to promote goodwill, respect, and understanding.

This kind of intimate, life changing experience may not be for everyone, but for thousands of Friendship Force members worldwide, the personal relationships we’ve established are a powerful and authentic way to impact positive change and empathy around the world.


 Become an ambassador of the

 Friendship Force today.


"What is Friendship Force?"

Denver members enjoying a sunny day in Belgium 

with their hosts -June 2018

Columbine - Our State Flower



Explore: We explore new  countries and regions. We explore new cultures and  new ways to connect across  the barriers that separate us.

Understand: By sharing a  home, meals, conversation  and everyday experiences,  people become friends,  seeing beyond governments and borders into the heart of  a country and its people. By combining home hospitality  with cultural exploration, we reach a new level of understanding.

  Serve: Exploration leads to  understanding. Understanding leads to an  acceptance of our common  humanity and the desire to  serve 

our global village –  with words and actions. 

Learn About

Friendship Force


"Just A Week That Can Change Your Life"



Next Monthly Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

6:30 PM Social Hour

6:45 PM Business Meeting

7:00 PM Special Program





New to FFD?  Request information by

clicking the link below or copy the blue email address into your browser: 


(For non-members, please include name, email,

& who referred you.)

What an upside-down world we are dealing with right now. Social distancing, masks, isolation, and even the definition of Zoom have taken on new meaning. On a Friendship Force club personal note, there are not even in-person monthly meetings, social activities, or MLB outings scheduled. And most importantly, the heartbeat of Friendship Force, inbound and outbound journeys, has been silenced. So how do we, as individual club members, remain connected to each other when we can’t chat, laugh, hug, or share…together and face-to-face? The May program intends to be a reminder to us that our friendships with each other will survive – yes, even thrive – after this pandemic is history. And staying connected to each other should help guarantee that our Denver Friendship Force club won’t become history, either.

Thus, this month’s program will be about us, for us, by us. Join the evening’s fun and frivolity as we share some cool, even weird, things about ourselves with each other. We may still be in those little Zoom boxes, but each of us will have a chance to share with questions like “What other careers did you consider before choosing the one you did?” or “What is one interesting place you have parked your car?” or “What comes to mind when you think of sticky things?” Also, we would love for you to wear a hat (or other fun thing) on your head that represents something about you. And we’ll share all this frivolity and friendship together!!

Co-hosts of this May program will be our very own Jeannette Armbrustmacher and Luree Miller. And Zoom information will come to you from our very own president, Gerry Forney. So stay tuned…and we’ll all Zoom together on Tuesday, May 11th! Don’t forget!!

Friendship Force Denver, Colorado  USA

501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Copyright (c) 2021 by Friendship Force Denver

Contact: FFDBoard@gmail.com

Friendship Force Denver, Colorado  USA

501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Copyright (c) 2021 by Friendship Force Denver

Contact: FFDBoard@gmail.com

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