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What is an EXCHANGE?

 "Exchange" term changed to "Journey" in 2017

Travel with the Friendship Force was originally called an Exchange. The word exchange comes from our organization’s early history when communities would actually exchange large delegations of citizen ambassadors. In some cases there were several hundred people traveling in each direction. In 2017 FFI announces that an exchange should now be referred to as a Journey; our travel continues to emphasize the cultural interchange that takes place when you become a temporary citizen for a few days, through our home hospitality program. We believe this gets you straight to the heart of a country and its people.

Experience Different Views.
Discover Common Ground.

Inbound Journey

Denver hosts another club, generally for one week, 7 nights, for an international club, five nights for a USA club. Occasionally there can be a Bridge Stay during which we host a club for two or three days when they are between Journeys, or in route to their home. A Host Coordinator will plan the activities for the visit.

Outbound Journey

When Denver members are hosted by another club, either international or domestic. An Ambassador Coordinator will handle the planning of the Journey for the group.

Where do you want to travel?

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