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We are a volunteer driven organization promoting peace throughout the world by connecting to people around the world. If we make one friend at a time, we will create a world of friends that becomes a world of peace. Denver is one of 350 chartered clubs and programs in 60 countries on 6 continents with more than 18,000 members worldwide. Our club began in 1982. We generally host between April and September.

Members travel in small groups to visit one or two host cities for 5 – 7 nights on what is called a Journey. We try to travel on one or two outbound Journeys each year and host an equal number of inbound Journeys. Journeys may include other domestic US clubs as well as international clubs. Journeys are home hosted by individual clubs and Ambassadors (inbound travelers) have an opportunity to share in the lives of a family and to learn their culture. We visit many local sites and sometimes may visit a school, attend a family birthday party or wedding, and even may be taken to a bath in Japan. We have opportunities that a casual tourist may just never experience.

Hosts meet the Ambassadors at the airport and take them to their host family homes.  Days are filled with planned activities as well as leisure time to visit with host families.  We may tour our gold domed state Capitol, visit some of our excellent museums, our Judicial Center and more. A visit to the town of Golden showcases the "Old West" and may include the Coors Brewery, the National Earthquake Center, the Ice Core Lab and the School of Mines Geological Museum.  Day visits to the mountains will allow for short hikes, wild flower viewing, and possibly a visit to one of our 14,000 foot peaks.  Our foothills visits can include Red Rocks Amphitheatre where world class entertainers offer outdoor concerts, Buffalo Bill’s museum and gravesite, and dinosaur tracks near Red Rocks.  A week's Journey will include Welcome and Farewell gatherings that include other club members, and we also plan smaller dinner parties.  

Denver has six major sports teams, including football with the Super Bowl winning Broncos, ice hockey with the Colorado Avalanche, Rapids soccer, Nuggets basketball, Rockies baseball, & Outlaws lacrosse.

It may sound like we are a travel club, but we are not. We are a lot more. We are looking for others who want to make foreign friends to better understand their culture, lifestyle and values. If this sounds interesting to you, we want to hear from you. To check us out better or to become a member contact us, email


About the region: The Denver metropolitan area has a population of close to 3 million. The City and the surrounding area offers many varied opportunities for sightseeing and cultural enjoyment.  Denver enjoys mild spring and fall weather, temperatures in the summer months in the 80's and 90's with some afternoon thundershowers.  In the Winter we do have snow and cold weather, however, outdoor activities such as golf, bicycling and

hiking can usually be enjoyed 12 months of the year.

The maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 12 normal, 15 maximum

Closest major airport: Denver International Airport


Make your memories, Colorado Style!

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